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What is the TrueBrow™ System?

The TrueBrow™ System is the methodical step-by-step system for restoring, transforming and designing any natural brow to perfection. It is the step by step body of knowledge and meaning that brings true beauty back to the natural brow and transforms the women.


At TrueBrow ™, we don’t just teach brows; we create leading brow experts!

TrueBrow is a design system and training program for the natural brow, created and developed by Elle Wilson. It is a program like no other; ongoing, mastery-based and offers a complete solution for your business. TrueBrow Specialists are trained to work with natural hair growth patterns and anatomy to fulfill the brow’s full potential. We do this without the use of serums, tattooing, or micro-blading. Becoming a TrueBrow Specialist does not come easily and requires a high level of dedication, commitment and skill development. All TrueBrow Specialists are listed exclusively on the website.

"Let your brows become your beauty statement to the world." - Elle Wilson

TrueBrow™ began with the belief in the importance of the brow to a woman’s overall softness and beauty through recognizing the influence the brow has on a woman’s expression of herself.


TrueBrow™ is really your true brow. It is the brows you have (or wish to have) cared for in a way you’ve not yet experienced. Your natural brow is nurtured, never compromising it’s beauty, but fulfilling a vision of what your brow will become.

TrueBrow™ brows are soft, feminine, fluid, and complimentary yet completely unique unto you.  I'm trained to develop a vision for your brows, seeing your brows very differently than your average beauty therapist or esthetician, and I work to cultivate that vision hair by hair. This may mean I'm designing a brow, or it may mean I'm correcting, transforming or restoring a brow. No stencils, serums, stains or extensions, just beautiful natural brows and they’re all yours. Who wouldn’t want that?

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